Receding Hareline

R*n No Date & Time Venue Info hare
MS624 Sunday 19th November  11.00am Goytre Wharf Car Park, Old Abergavenny Rd, Abergavenny NP7 9EW   On Inn to the Horseshoe Inn, Old Abergavenny Rd, Pontypool NP4 8QZ Road Enema
MS625  Sunday 3rd December 11.00am Layby to the west of Stanton, near Llanfihangel Crucorney On Inn at the Queen’s Head Farty Pants
MS626 Sunday 17th December 11.00am Venue to be confirmed Teeny & TwoLips
MS627 Sunday 31st December 11.00am Cornewell Arms,

1 Hunthouse Ln, Clodock, Hereford HR2 0PD
 Doesn’t do food, but you’ll probably be very happy about that by then!! Sheepie
MS628 Sunday 14th January 2018 11.00am

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How Many??

Diligent research shows that the following have been foolish enough to appear on numerous occasions with MSH3

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Farty Pants
Half Hour

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Two Lips
Sandy Vulva
Just Snowy

R*n 254

Crickhowell,  8th December 2013

Hare: Sandy

Don’t ever say that it is always raining in this part of Wales. Sunday was both sunny and, for the time of year, quite mild.

Usually one doesn’t take much notice of the Hare’s preamble, we should have. It would have saved a few miles.

Racing off across the main road past the castle we came to the first of many Back-Cheques (even though he wasn’t here).

As we revisited the On-On, Sheep started his slow striptease before re-joining the main road at a different angle.

Crickhowell has a primary school  – we ran past it – on the way to a housing estate – scenic r*n this!

Eventually we found some countryside and Scamp caused some chaos wanting to play sticks.

Losing Tom for the first time, we emerged at a farm.

Long before it was due, we turned for home, “Only 11.30, can’t be right”  It wasn’t

Back up the hill, then up another hill and back again.  This Hare is “having a laugh!”

Up to now we’d met the walking party at regular intervals. This time they were missing.

Now we went up another hill to a check overlooking the town. Straight on?

No.  A convoluted diversion via the swede field eventually brought us back to the start.

Yes and finally we managed an impromptu ‘naming’.  Young Tom was named …. well you can find it in the first letter of each paragraph!!

On On