Mountin’ Sheep Hash House Harriers was founded in 1994 by Ian “Sheepshagger” Mabberley and Rollo “Dr Bumski” Lewis. Never the largest of Hashes, MSH3 has managed to complete over 600 r*ns in and around the eastern part of the Brecon Beacons National Park and has just celebrated its 23th Birthday. Despite being small in numbers, MSH3 has a well founded reputation among both UK and overseas Hashers for always appearing to be bigger than it is in reality. One of only three regular Hashes in Wales (the others are Cardiff and Swansea Jack), MSH3 members played a key role in the success of InterHash in Cardiff in 2004.

Come rain or snow MSH3 reaches the parts other Hashes can't!

Come rain or snow MSH3 reaches the parts other Hashes can’t!

In addition to our regular fortnightly Hashes, MSH3 usually takes a team to the 6 Heures de Scaer in Brittany, where we try to find as many ways as possible of making our presence felt – ranging from outrageous fancy dress, taking beer stops halfway round the course, arriving by bike from Wales to dancing on the tables well into the night. Our great friends Rene, Jean-Pierre and company always make us most welcome, and we try to repay their hospitality by being very silly.

In the worldwide Hash Family Tree, MSH3 is a Grand-daughter of the Mother Hash (Kuala Lumpur H3), and a daughter of East Grinstead H3, the original Hash of ‘Sheepshagger’ (and ‘Dr Bumski’s’ brother). So now you know.  We might be small, but we are very well connected!

6 thoughts on “MSH3

  1. Hi, I am sending this from Saigon. am 68 years old. Had never even heard of H.H.H. until last week. I am visiting my brother who lives here. We went to Pataya ( Thailand ) and we went o the Jungle hash Pataya. I was a virgin that day. Next day we went to another Hash in Pataya ( monday Hash) Now back in Saigon we went to the Saigon Hash. I have had 3 discs out of my spine, and am opnly able to walk round the walkers route. But I loved every min of it, including sitting on a block of ice !!!! Anyhow, I am due to fly home on Sat 18th jan arriving home in Llandrindod Wells on Sunday. It would appear that you are the nearest Hash to where I live. is this correct? I would like to carry on Hasing when I am homw, with my partner who is a Welsh lady. Please contact me at:- or call me on 0 1 5 9 7 – 8 6 0 7 2 6]Regards.

    John Field ( Still no Hash name YET lol )

    • Hi John
      You are very welcome to join MSH3 and we are probably the nearest to you in Llandod. We are a fairly small group, but we do usually have a few walkers. No ice here in Wales – too cold without that!!
      Looking forward to meeting you soon

  2. Hi Sheep, thanks for taking the time to reply. Culd you please tell me EXACTLY when and where yor next Hash run / walk is please? I will be back in Landod this Sunday 19th Jan
    John – No hash name yet –

  3. Hi, after meeting one of your hashers in Llangynidr lanes and chatting to him I am looking to join and come along tomorrow at Llanbedr. Just wondering how long roughly you’d be out on average and am I able to bring my 9 yr old son who also is a runner. Thanks Andrew

  4. Message for Sheepie, i am able to set the trail in 2 weeks 23rd june, Gavin mentioned it. I’ll go from the coach n horses Llangynidr. Cheers Andrew

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