About MSH3

Mountin’ Sheep Hash House Harriers (MSH3) was founded in 1994 by Ian “Sheepy” Mabberley and Rollo “Dr Bumski” Lewis. Never the largest of Hashes, MSH3 has managed to complete over 600 r*ns in and around the the Brecon Beacons National Park. Despite being small in numbers, MSH3 has a well founded reputation among both UK and overseas Hashers for always appearing to be bigger than it is in reality. One of only three regular Hashes in Wales (the others being Cardiff and Swansea Jack).

Come rain or snow MSH3 reaches the parts other Hashes can't!
Come rain or snow MSH3 reaches the parts other running groups don’t dare go!  Each run is set & led by a group member whom knows the area well.  The run normally starts from a pub or café  and aims to last about an hour. The aim is for us all as a group to find the right trail through looking for small blobs of flour.  At a path junction we split up and when three blobs are found in short succession we notify the others whom then follow (sounds easy).  This though allows both fast and slower runners to run together and we will regularly regroup on the way around.  In the end no one wins or loses. 

In the worldwide Hash Family Tree, MSH3 is a Grand-daughter of the Mother Hash (Kuala Lumpur H3), and a daughter of East Grinstead H3, the original Hash of ‘Sheepy’ (and ‘Dr Bumski’s’ brother). So now you know.  We might be small, but we are very well connected!

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